Kingdom of Ruins

All lives end in dust. It’s a truth archeologist Lori Brickland is done trying to reverse. Her phobia of cold artifacts worsens with every discovery and her secret power for finding them is becoming less of a secret. Quitting her career is the right move, even if it feels like abandoning half of herself. But when she encounters a potsherd with a heartbeat at the British Museum, doubt creeps in. Maybe there is life in the dust. When a dark stranger bows to the potsherd during an exhibit, she follows him and finds herself in a country on the edge of losing its identity, where archeology isn’t a word and ruins are forgotten for a reason. Despite the stranger’s warnings, she tries to awaken a village to their noble history, angering a king who will do anything to keep it buried—even if it’s still alive. No. Not this time. The potsherd holds the key to Lori’s greatest discovery, one that can break a curse and connect the scattered pieces of her power. So for once, she won’t let the weight of the grave stop her. For once, she will bring the fight to ruin’s door.

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